AGES 7 - 12

Can you recall a time as a young girl when you wished you had the skills to cope with anxiety and worry, to stand up to your peers, to follow your instincts, and to voice your needs?

Imagine if you had been given some tools to find some peace and calm, to help you find your voice, to listen to your gut, to embrace your uniqueness, and to feel empowered and confident in your choices?

Empower UP! is a unique Day Camp opportunity for young girls that provides personal growth at an impressionable time in their lives.

During this unique and engaging week of day camp, the girls will practice self-confidence skills that reduce anxiety so that they can feel empowered even during those difficult times where they question their ability to cope with challenges. 

2021 Camp Details

  • Dates

     June 28-July 2

    July 5 - 9

    July 12 - 16

    August 9-13 (private group)

    *more dates may be added in August

  • Times

    9 AM - 3 PM


  • Ages

    7 - 12

    (girls only)

  • Tuition

    $375 for

    the week


    *sibling discount


    (please inquire)

  • Payment

    PAY PAL (online)


  • Location

    Camp is held in

    Fall City, WA

"Immediate Effects" 

"The effects were immediate.  My daughter oozed positivity and enthusiastically shared what she learned about meditation.  The positive messages of the camp came out daily in our conversations. She told me she loved the camp, she 'felt welcomed there' and was one of the only places she felt she could truly 'be herself'."


~ Kristen, Teacher and Mother

"Exceeded Expectations"


"The whole camp exceeded my expectations - from the thoughtful, empowering activities and crafts, exposure to nature, healthy snacks - this camp provided a truly empowering and enriching experience."


~ Jenny, Teacher and Mother




My girls learned so much at this camp! They learned coping skills to deal with stress, they identified their personal attributes and strengths, and they LOVED the healthy recipes!!  I heard a lot of positive 'I am' statements. I also heard my daughters talk a lot about self acceptance... which is awesome!  The mindfulness and art projects exceeded my expectation."


~ Cassie, Teacher and Mother

Hello! I am Karen Kane, founder of Enlightened Empowerment and the Empower UP! Camp for girls. I empower kids who struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety, and strong emotions to choose a new mindset, one that makes them feel more in control of their lives, their choices and their emotions. I am a certified Life Coach for Kids, through the Adventures in Wisdom(TM) program, have a Masters in Teaching, and have been teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to kids since 2002. I am on a mission to help kids see the beauty within and to be the leaders of their own lives!

Camp Elements and Activities

  • 1

    Mindset Coaching

    Karen Kane, the instructor and founder of Enlightened Empowerment, is a certified WISDOM life coach for kids through the Adventures in Wisdom(TM) program. Over the week, the girls will have lessons on connecting to their own inner wisdom, honoring their uniqueness, creating powerful self-confidence, identifying negative self-talk, powershifting to positive self-talk, and becoming their own BFF. Lessons are taught in an engaging way through the use of storytelling. (Stories and lessons are from the Adventures in Wisdom(TM) curriculum.)

  • 2

    Emotional Regulation & Tools for Anxiety

    The girls will learn many tools for managing emotions and thoughts of worry and fear (common at this age) through breathwork and mindfulness practices. We will be making foods that nourish the nervous system, learning some energy balancing exercises along with a daily meditation and yoga practice, which has been proven to be highly beneficial in regulating emotions and calming anxiety. 

  • 3


    The camp is held adjacent to the Preston-Fall City trail system, allowing miles of hiking on paved and dirt trails. Each day, we will walk up to the trail to spend some time in nature, where we will practice some mindfulness skills and have some fun too. One year we hiked to the base of Snoqualmie Falls! (This is entirely dependent on the girls' hiking abilities, as a group, and not a guaranteed experience.)

  • 4

    Intrapersonal Skills

    Three of the most empowering things girls in this camp will learn is how to manage thoughts, control emotions, and cultivate inner awareness. This is where our INTRA-personal skills lie. Kids are already exposed to INTER-personal skills, such as being a team player, cooperating with others, communicating, etc., but little is done for kids to develop self-awareness. When they tap into that power within, they are better able to control their reactions, stand their ground, and make conscious decisions that align with their own integrity.

  • 5

    Art and Projects

    On the first day, the girls will decorate their own special treasure boxes to collect all the things we will make over the week. Among those will be a very special "I AM" board where they will get to make a poster that beautifully expresses all of their wonderful qualities. We will also make stress balls and affirmation flags and more. There are too many projects to name here!

  • 6

    Yoga & Meditation

    Each morning, we will begin our day with a yoga and meditation practice. Karen has been teaching yoga to kids for over 18 years and teaches classes after school in locations throughout the community. Yoga provides amazing physical, mental, and emotional benefits. The impact of having a quiet, safe space to find some peace and allow the mind to be free of thoughts is profound and such a gift to receive at such a young age!  This is often times the girls' most favorite part of the camp!

  • 7

    Hula Hoop Dance

    Who doesn't like to hula hoop? But, there is so much more to this little plastic circle! This "circle of power" can transform confidence.  We begin the week with each girl making and decorating their very own hula hoop which they will take home with them at the end of the week. Besides learning the "normal" way of hooping around the waist, the girls will also learn lots of really fun, cool tricks that will bring them joy, positivity, strength, coordination, and guaranteed smiles. 

  • 8

    Healthy Snacks

    Each day, the girls will be preparing (from scratch!) a healthy snack and we will talk about the importance of fueling our bodies with good food that builds energy, stamina and brain power! Some of their favorites include homemade hummus and cut up veggies, smoothies, freshly made sunflower seed butter with apples, and fruit juice popsicles. Banana ice cream made from just bananas will be our final treat on the last day!

COVID-19 Camp Protocols

  • All Outdoor Activities

    We have made some modifications this year so that all activities will take place outside. The studio will not be used this year. This will allow for plenty of ventilation and fresh air. In the event of rain, some covered areas will be provided, but participants should be prepared to be outside in the weather! Activities will then be modified as needed. 

  • Daily Screening

    Each morning, parents will be required to take their child's temperature and record it on a screening form (bring your own pen, please) that will also include the following questions such as:

    • Does your child/youth have any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, a fever of 100.4 degrees F, a sore throat, chills, new loss of taste/smell, muscle or body aches, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, congestion/runny nose (not related to seasonal allergies), unusual fatigue?
    • Does anyone in your household have any of the above symptoms?
    • Has your child/youth been in close contact with anyone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?
    • Has your child/youth had any medication to reduce a fever before coming to camp?

    If any questions are answered yes, the child will be sent home. 

  • Physical Distancing

    Group sizes will be limited to up to eight participants from a geographical area no more than 30 miles away from Fall City, WA. Outside of the eight participants, there will be one junior camp assistant, the instructor, and the instructor's daughter, for a total of eleven people present during camp sessions. All activities conducted will be things that can be done by practicing safe physical distancing. This means that some of the normal activities and games played in the past will not be done this year. 

  • Hygiene Practices

    Outside hand washing stations will be readily available with soap and paper towels. Participants will be trained on proper hand-washing technique (minimum of 20 seconds) and staff will monitor.  Alcohol-based hand gel will also be readily available and used as needed. Participants will have a bathroom available (in a brand new travel trailer in the driveway) and will be required to wear their face covering when using the bathroom. All doors, windows, and ceiling fan vents will be open at all times to allow for proper ventilation.  Bathroom users will be spaced out as much as possible. Door handles and sinks will be wiped down with disinfectant spray between each user. 

  • Cloth Face Coverings

     Parents will be required to send a comfortable and proper-fitting cloth face covering with the child each day. It is up to the parents to properly train their child on how to put the covering on and this will need to be demonstrated on the first day of camp upon arrival. We will maintain CDC/DoH/Public Health recommended physical distancing as much as possible and masks will be required, although mask breaks will be offered when we can be a minimum of 6 feet apart and are eating, or engaging in physical activity. All activities will take place outside. 

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

    All surfaces touched by multiple participants will be disinfected daily, and as needed. Disinfected craft materials will be issued daily by assigning specific pens, markers, scissors, glue, etc. to each girl. They will be properly disinfected between each use. However, there will be a limited number of colors/choices available because of this. As an example, they may each only get 2-3 marker colors to use each day. Parents are encouraged to send art/craft supplies from home, to minimize sharing of public materials and also to allow for more creativity. A list of recommended supplies will be provided and will include basic things like: scissors, pencil, markers, glue, and glitter glue. 

  • Food and Snacks

    Because healthy eating and preparing and making snacks is a much enjoyed part of camp, special considerations will be factored in. For instance, gloves and facial masks will be used at all times during food preparation and there will be no "sharing" of snacks, equipment, or utensils. Participants will make their own individual portions, and staff will do much of the preparation and all of the serving, while participants observe. (Recipes will be sent home.) All participants need to bring their own lunch each day and additional snacks as needed.

  • If Someone Develops Signs of COVID-19

    If any participants begin to feel ill, they will immediately be separated from the group, a parent (or designated alternate) will be called to come pick them up and they will not be able to attend the remainder of the camp. If the instructor becomes ill, parents will be immediately notified, she will physically separate herself (by at least 20 feet) until all parents arrive to come pick up their child.  Camp will then be cancelled for the remainder of the week and a pro-rated refund will be issued. Additionally, if any of the instructor's family members (living in household) become ill, camp will be cancelled and a pro-rated refund will be issued.

  • Parental Discretion

    It is up to the parents to use their discretion as to whether their child will be able to understand the importance of and willingness to maintain physical distancing, to abide by proper hygiene protocols, to have awareness of not sneezing/coughing around others, and to limit or avoid touching surfaces and materials. It is imperative that your child is able to follow directions and the rules. Parents will also need to ensure their child can wear and put on their own face covering without assistance. Additionally, it is up to the parents to decide if they are comfortable with the level of risk involved in participating in this camp. We will do everything possible to mitigate exposure and transmission of the COVID-19 virus, however, there is still a small element of risk. If you feel your child would be unable to follow these procedures and protocols, or if you are not comfortable with the risk, then please consider attending next summer, when (hopefully) things will be more normal. Thank you for understanding!

Listen to one of our camp alumni share about how this camp impacted her life in a profound way.

What to Expect

A boost in your child's self-confidence

Awareness of a new way of looking at life

Safe space to share fears and worries

Calm and nurturing environment

Empowering arts and crafts

Tools for taming anxiety

Exposure to new foods

Individual attention

Change in mindset

Physical activity

Personal growth



What NOT to Expect


No youth lead counselors (adult in charge)

Not a cure for anxiety or other disorders

Not therapeutic counseling

No getting lost in the crowd

No idle time or boredom

No religious affiliation

No inside time

No screens!

No chaos








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August 9-13

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How are you handling COVID-19?

Health and safety protocols as prescribed by the CDC, Washington State Department of Health, and King County Public Health will be implemented. Please refer to section above (COVID-19 Protocols) for details on specific procedures.  

Do you provide before or after care?

What will we need to bring each day?

How many girls are in each session?

What are the allowed ages and hours?

Are boys allowed to come?

Where is the camp held?

Will lunch be provided?

Will there be any animals?

How long has this camp been in operation?

How many counselors are present?

What is your refund policy?

Full refunds, less a $25 handling fee, will be provided if at least two weeks' advance notice is provided. SPECIAL PANDEMIC REFUND - If any participant, the instructor, or instructor's immediate family show symptoms of COVID-19 during the week of camp, camp will be cancelled and a pro-rated refund will be issued for all participants.

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